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We build customer-centric experienceS for beauty brandS

In order to sell, people must first want to listen

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the way people connect with brands has changed

The convenience of the digital age had created new expectation

1990s - Product Centric

People expect a superior products due to technological breakthrough

2000s - Cost Cut Centric

People expect product at a lower cost due to oversea manufacturing advancement

Today - Customer Centric

People expect tailor made solution to their problems due to digital transformation

While this disruption is immense, so is the opportunity

so what kind of companies survived this disrupted shift

Dollar Shave Club
From selling razors to convenient grooming solution for hairy men
IT Cosmetics
From makeup to beautiful skin for women who have a complexion problem
From selling topical skincare products to a lifestyle adviser brand
So what is the common thread

The best companies reinvented their brands away from the products

Traditional World

product centric brand

Pricing: Unit Sales
Marketing: Brand exposure
Sales: Selling products
Finance: Unit margins
Culture: Hit products
Automatic voice for all customers
Less complexity on strategy
Performance aligned with sales
Standardization and automation
Customers can be served quickly
Focus all efforts on the product
Scale can be develop easily
Easier to outsource
New World

customer centric brand

Pricing: Value pricing
Marketing: Customer experience
Sales: Solving needs
Finance: Customer lifetime value
Culture: Deep relationships
Creating unique experience
Actionable analytics
Laser focus business objective
Stand out in a crowded markets
Rapidly adapt to consumer trends
Atomic level customer views
Efficient resource allocation
Recognize opportunities for growth
Who we are & What we do

a marketing agency work on your behalf to create growth in a short time

We focus on finding smarter alternatives to traditional marketing strategy



1.1 - Customer Pain Point
1.2 - Ideal Customer Profile
1.3 - Competitor Mapping
1.4 - Customer Segmentation
1.5 - Brand Attribute
1.6 - Brand Positioning

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brand aesthetic

2.1 - Brand Naming
2.2 - Identity System Design
2.3 - Product Design
2.4 - Packaging Design
2.5 - Product Development
2.6 - POP & Tradeshow Design

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brand journey

3.1 - Customer Journey Creation
3.2 - Product Ladder Strategy
3.3 - E-Commerce & Funnel Design
3.4 - Brand Character Creation
3.5 - SEO Blog & Content Creation
3.6 - EDM Marketing Campaign

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brand execution

4.1 - Artwork Production
4.2 - Photography & Retouching
4.3 - Brand Lineup Extensions
4.4 - Video Editing
4.5 - Brand Data Analytics
4.6 - Regulatory Compliance

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Eric. L

“You are really, really, really awesome. As a creative director, it is a pleasure and a relief to work with people whose taste and judgement you trust, and who add valuable thinking to the recipe. No micromanaging necessary. Still, you stayed willing, sunny, easy-going and professional.”

Avon Products

Giovanni. G

“I recently had the privilege of working with H.G.Y.K. on a few 3D modeling and rendering projects and have been blown away by his technical capabilities and expertise. He has a great understanding of what clients need and how to achieve it consistently. Another aspect of Hugo, which I appreciated, was his professionalism. The work was delivered ahead of schedule and did not need any revising. Hugo is truly a gems to work with and does not disappoint.”


Rudford. H

“Hugo is an extraordinary product development specialist. He can create, design, and brand fragrance/beauty products as well as manage the entire product development process. When we worked together, he elevated the entire product development team with his talents and skills.”

Elizabeth Arden
Don’t get blindsided by the Disrupted Shift

We can turn the threats into tremendous opportunities

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