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identify customer’s emotional need

Brand strategy is the technique of shaping people’s perception of your brand through experiences. Is the art & science of influencing the way you are perceived by others.

Perception is a powerful thing, it can dictates belief, drives behavior and influence purchase decisions. Brand strategy helps defines what you stand for, what promise you need to make, and the personality you need to convey around the emotional benefits of your targeted customer.

We start by diving deep into who your dream customers are, what they value and want, what their pains are and what they are trying to accomplish, because without it, you can’t align your company to the customer and create influence.

Step 1

Brand personality/customer ALIGNMENT

Brand expression is the language that chronicles your offerings and captures your spirit. It includes your website, your packaging, your marketing collateral, and every other initiative where you bring your brand to those you serve.

Far more than just a logo, your brand’s expression should be a visual distillation of your company’s purpose and personality. It’s this identity that will amplify differentiation and leave a lasting impression on your audiences.

Working with insights from the strategy phases, we will thoroughly explore the color, typography, and style to perfectly conveys your brand to connect with your customer’s mind.

Step 2

Make every touchpoint Customer-Centric

Many brands can offer a lot of value to the world, but never will because no one knows they exist. Your company needs a purposely build path that can bring people into a lasting relationship with your products and services.

Brand experience is a strategic journey of the entire experience people will have with your company. The customer’s path, via touchpoints, from not knowing you exist, to buying from you for the first time and ultimately buys from you repeatedly and introduces your brand to others. This journey help to get the right information to the right customer at the right time to build a cohesive brand experience.

We help create automated, data-driven brand experience with intent, each touchpoint is specifically designed to influence your audience and get them a step closer to becoming your customer in a short time.

Step 3
Featured brand


See how we used our customer-centric framework to help Theorie reimagine their brand and created a memorable experience that aligned their targeted customer wants and needs with the brand.

This is the strategy we used to help create 1.5 million sales in 8 short months.

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Charles. K

“Every person that has seen our re-brand are completely amazed!! Great job!! I showed my colleague the new packaging, and he was completely amazed of the quality, graphics and condensed way to present our company.”


Rudford. H

“Hugo is an extraordinary product development specialist. He can create, design, and brand fragrance/beauty products as well as manage the entire product development process. When we worked together, he elevated the entire product development team with his talents and skills.”

Elizabeth Arden

Yasmin. K

“Hugo’s insight into our brand and customer journey will be very valuable to us as we grow. Going through this process I was able to learn more about the strategic direction our brand must implement to have market value. Thank you Hugo and I look forward to working with you in the near future on other aspects of brand development.”


Ann. M

“The constant steady stream of smart, unique perspectives added into the mix of our private label line was the new energy we needed.”

Member’s Mark

Laura. M

“Hugo has been a wonderful creative resource for us. As we develop our new brand Moodzee, we knew we needed help with brand identity and packaging. We reached out to Hugo and were able to quickly develop artwork that solidifies our brand. Hugo is no-nonsense, great boundaries and excellent follow-through.”


Ano. K

“I highly recommend Hugo as his services, we had several epiphanies during the well thought out sessions. His meticulous nature allowed us to drill down to the core of why we are in business, and how we can get to where we want to go. I highly recommend his services for strategic planning and branding, we hope to work with you more in the future.”

Pioneer Medical Foundation

Michael. D

“I’ve had a chance to sit with our CEO this morning, I think you’ve made us fall in love a little bit! Overall, she loved the work & all the background research to understand our business, the projects, etc. You should feel very good about that.”

Celestial Bodiez

Giovanni. G

“I recently had the privilege of working with Hugo on a few 3D modeling and rendering projects and have been blown away by his technical capabilities and expertise. He has a great understanding of what clients need and how to achieve it consistently. Another aspect of Hugo, which I appreciated, was his professionalism. The work was delivered ahead of schedule and did not need any revising. Hugo is truly a gems to work with and does not disappoint.”


Eric. L

“You are really awesome. As a creative director, it is a pleasure and a relief to work with people whose taste and judgement you trust, and who add valuable thinking to the recipe. No micromanaging necessary. Still, you stayed willing, sunny, easy-going and professional.”

Avon Products

Ganelle. G

“Hugo is very informative and he’s very kind. He has no problem explaining how the business works and what he can help you with. Believe him when tells you "I understand" because he does!”


Level one
Brand Roadmap

Brand Attributes
Brand Statement
Brand Positioning
Target Customer Persona
Customer Journey Roadmap
Competitor Traffic Analysis
Brand Stylescape
*Approximate 2-3 weeks
Best suited for a small company. You’re serious about laying a foundation for your brand but have limited available resources. Your business model is simple and your needs are minimal.

Level Two
Brand Refresh

Everything in level one, plus:
Identity System Design
Secondary Package Design
3D Product Visualization
Product Photography
Artwork Production
Product Sales Funnel Page
*Approximate 3-4 months
Best suited for a small- to medium-sized company. You’re a growing organization with systemic issues that are affecting your brand. The problem is deeper than just an outdated logo.

Level Three
Brand Reboot

Everything in level one & two, plus:
Primary Product Design
Point of Purchase System Design
Marketing Collateral
Brand Lineup Extension
Product Video
E-Commerce Store
Email Nurturing Campaign
Paid Social Media Advertising Campaign
Organic Social Media Campaign
*Approximate 8-9 months
Best suited for a medium- to large-sized company. You’re an established enterprise, often with a global presence. Your needs are complicated by the size and complexity of your business model.